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Ursula Gnech geb. Kleine

48531 Nordhorn, Januar 2004
Am Ems-Vechte-Kanal 10
Your Patient (my father):
Bernhard Kleine, born 06.03.1912 in Lingen/Germany,
died and born again (with your help) 15.12.1992!!!
in Patong Beach/Phuket/Thailand
Dear Dr. Wattana,

all my life I would like to say to you

"Thank you" to the best doctor of the world (we think so!), dear Dr. Wattana,

to the safer of my father, Mister Bernhard Kleine, from his drowning in Swimming-pool in Patong Beach//Phuket. You gave him his life back (reanimation) when he died in swimming-pool and now he is living 12 years after the accident, too!
(Do you remember? Please look the story about my father the next page!!!)
And our marvel was and is only possible with your exellent help, dear Dr. Wattana!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Dr. Wattana,

you are authority for health and you are for patients one of the best doctors in the world!!! Your name and address is one of the best address for patients in Phuket and I'm wishing that you can help many, many patients like my father and that they will find you! In your hands the patients are lucky!

I would like to remember:
1. You have time enough for patients, when you are busy!
2. You make exellent diagnose, when you are stressed!
3. You gave the best tablets for beeing quick and much better!
4. You are very kind to the patients together with your wonderful wife and your friendly and your exellent staff in your clinic! (Sickness in your clinic is like a dream or holiday!)

I would like to say:
Dear Dr. Wattana, you are a marvel for patients when they need help for their health and when they are in Phuket! Your help and your work with your staff (make a perfect and quick contact to the insurance of the patients-home-address, too) for the patients are perfect and exellent!
The clinic-time is like a dream for sickness. When you have to stay there you feel much better. Congratulation, dear patient, by contact Dr. Wattana!
Big thank you for always, you are always in our mind and heart, and good luck,

dear Dr. Wattana,

to your wife and your staff, too

from my father Bernhard Kleine
(almost 92 years!)
and from me and my husband
Ursula and Siegfried Gnech!

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